Als group pic salmonChucky’s Pride” Fishing Day

3/4 day of "Freelance" fishing trips are offered from April thru November for Striped Bass, Halibut, Rockfish, and Salmon. Light Tackle Salmon Mooching is our specialty. Albacore Tuna trips are seasonal.

Departure Time

Daily scheduled departure time for “Freelance” trips is 6:00 am. Select afternoon twilight Bass and Salmon Mooching trips will be determined by tides.



"Chucky's Pride" specializes in Private and Corporate charters.
Contact us for reservations and information.

"Chucky's Pride" is now offering "Exclusive Charters" as follows:

photo sea bass -17Our 50 foot vessel offers spacious room for each angler. You will have plenty of room to move around and less chances of tangling lines.

Our experienced crew is helpful, friendly and dedicated to ensure your fishing excursion with us is an enjoyable and memorable one!

Department of Fish and Game Fishing License

To purchase a license, you will need to provide the licensee’s information including but not limited to identify (i.e., GO, ID, DL, etc.) date of birth, address, phone number, physical characteristics, etc. If you are purchasing a fishing license for another customer and do not have this information, you can instead purchase a voucher at a license agent or a DFG sales office.

Buy Online or Call: 800-565-1458 and use prompt #4

This service is available 24/7. All you will have to do is call the phone number, give your information to the live operator and write the confirmation # down.

Tips For Your Trip

“Chucky’s Pride” Sportfishing wants to make sure you have the most enjoyable fishing adventure possible. Following are some tips and suggestions to help you in making this happen:

Chucky’s Pride” Specializes in Private and Corporate Charters. Contact Us for reservations and information.